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Jul 19

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What Parents Can Do With Smart School ERP

Parents have their own login with their unique accounts. They can register their accounts with a username and a password. Smart School ERP helps parents to have a close look at their kids’ academic performance. How well it has been so far?

Smart School ERP has been a virtue for parents who stay abroad or away from their children and who still ardently desires to have a close look at the academic pursuit of their dear ones. They really have the passion to shape the future of their students. This could be possible only with the help of a strong academic background.

A meticulous check on the academic calibre of their kids is made possible with Smart School ERP.

All requisite information to judge your kids can be easily retrieved from this software. It is highly customised. It can be of great help to all those parents who work around the clock for the better life of their children.

Parents can view the mark sheets along with their aggregate and hence need not do any mental math or grab a calculator. Here, everything is available at your fingertips. All the data can be visualised in single screen space and need no deviations. The monotonous tasks of opening and closing tabs for each event can be called off for the good with this software.

The attendance can also be seen and they can regularly keep a check on their children’s’ activity and whether they are actively engrossed in school activities or bunking classes.

Even message notification reporting your kid’s absence can be easily sent from the custom software and alert you instantly.

In these days of blood-curdling crimes, it can be a boon in disguise to all the working parents who have to be away to make the two ends meet and give a better future for their kids.

The parents can easily assess their student’s position in class and slowly encourage one to get better scores and make the records impressive. The entire information regarding your ward can be collected with this software. In addition, contact information about the teachers and other staffs instructing him or her can be seen and you can reach out to them. Or else, you can just drop a mail using the message feature already available in the software.

The issues regarding lack of concord in your ward’s academic criteria can be easily shooed off with this advent of Smart School ERP. You can have an entire idea of your ward’s academic performance and many other details regarding his activities in just a single tab.

No matter how forgetful you are, all details regarding his or her co-circular activities will be notified in the academic calendar and you can give a quick visit and make their big day more special.

Doubts regarding curriculum can be effortlessly fixed and a strong rapport between the staff handling your ward can be cherished no matter how much miles physically you are from the former. Let us admit, Smart School ERP gives a new edge to parenting!

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