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Nov 19

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Untangling Employee Management using School Management System

Handling the employees could get out of hand sometimes. Also, the hiring part is difficult beyond imagination. In order to simplify the employee management matter, Smart School, a school management system came up with an innovative feature that goes by the name, “Human Resource Management Module”. They also have an Integrated Payroll module to ease the task of payment. Since it is an online school ERP based on cloud services, all the relevant data is stored and can be accessed for reference whenever the concerned people want. In this case, the details of the employees such as their qualifications, experience, etc. are recorded, maintained and updated when it is required. Payments become systematic due to this system and there won’t be any confusion or delay. Everything is smooth. The entire employees could be managed in an organized manner with this system.

Let us magnify the benefits of this module:

  • Payrolls are managed effectively. The employees get paid their salary on time and there is no chance you would miss out on the payment or get fooled in terms of advances or more.
  • Detailed information on the employees is recorded and ready to be viewed by the authority with the help of a sound internet connection. For instance, address, phone no., skills they possess, the trivial stuff and the qualifications. So, it is easy to assess people and allocate a task. The most important highlight is the way this school ERP software makes the whole process organised. There are staff profiles as well attached to this.
  • Leave tracking is a real deal here. Since it is an automated system, the leaves would be tracked so the corresponding amount could be deduced from the salary. Again, there won’t be any fooling in terms of attendance.
  • The employees can request certain things appropriately now which again calls for a systematic approach which is assured. You can make use of this module to politely request leave and be granted permission which goes into the cloud and gets tracked. This school ERP system also supports ‘advance payment request’ and you don’t have to depend on the mails. Depending on your e-mail is not a Herculean task but having such software to deal with all things school-related is definitely a boon. Additionally, it covers the building/office/general maintenance request. So that these necessary actions happen on time. It also makes provision for IT help desk documents request.
  • Another benefit of the human resource management module that makes this School ERP system efficient is the fact that it supports multi-level department wise approval. So, you do not have to assign a person to get individual approval from the people concerned and the authorities according to their convenience. These activities digitalized saves the school a fine amount of time. 

This module is filled with an insane amount of perks, right? This is what you need to ensure smooth functionality and thereby, making this school management software one of the best school ERP. Every institution should install this software for schools immediately if you want to ease the jobs and make the institution progress.

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