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Jul 19

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The Students’ Corner in School Management System

Smart School ERP has a distinct login for students to log in. The students can have foresight on their academic progress. They can evaluate for themselves and see how well it has been so far and whether they are reaching their true potential. In a single window suite, everything related to their academic pursuits can be viewed in a consolidated way. A quick review is made possible and can be easily comprehended. Graphical representation of the attendance throughout their semesters for each month can be visualised. Visualisation of multitudes of data makes this possible. Data can be cumbersome to foresee and making conclusions from bare data can be a wreck on our heads and it can be so tiring. This gets a consistent and mind-blowing solution from Smart School ERP.

Each student has their own secure account with a login id and a password

The login id can be their admission number, exam registration number or class number. Password can be revised by themselves. The account stores information like their exams, results, attendance, project, assignments and academic calendar. Also, each subject registered for each semester along with knowledge about each credit of the subject and details about their eligibility can be easily derived from the data entered and maintained in this account.

The data entry task can be so hectic and monotonous. The situation gets worse when we have to check for erroneous data manually. A change to be updated in the conventional existing system can take ages and give you so much of mental stress. However, with Smart School ERP, this is pretty much easier.

Each student can have insight on his/her grades, attendance and all necessary notifications about upcoming events from a single window

One need not tour the entire software and keep on opening new tabs. The grades for each subject obtained for unit tests, semester exams, and series tests can be separately viewed and can ensure the internal marks just at the click of a button. In addition, one can view his or her aggregate in percentage and can assess one’s performance for the respective exam.

Moreover, one can see for themselves where one stands in their class and assess their position. He would be able to see the class average. The student can have an entire outlook on academic prospectus and always work for better grades. The student can see how the current trend of their academic growth has been channelled. If there is a consistent fall in grades, the student can take a quick comeback and fall in pace with the schedule and regain good records.

The best part in this School Management System is that all can be easily visualised

Additionally, if there is a visible rise in his grades, he can rejoice for himself. The attendance can be easily verified and if he has been present and was wrongly marked as an absentee, he can report duly and recommend for the necessary changes to be made as soon as it can be.

These are some of the major advantages of using Smart School ERP as a student.

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