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Jan 20

smart school management software - smart school erp

The Smart School Management App

Smart School ERPs are extended to mobile applications which support both Android and iOS operating systems. Smart School Management app can be used by the students, the parents and the faculty members to observe all the academic activities at a glimpse or any way you like it. You get to update the latest events that happen at your educational institution with pictures taken with your phone camera. The faculty can use the app to know what course or class is assigned to regardless of the time. All the information is integrated into the software so its app indexing capabilities should not be questioned and hence, Smart School can provide you accurate and related search results inside the app.     

It’s like Facebook exclusively made for the school. It is an intranet. You get notifications, alerts, reminders and approval requests in a single place. It’s interactive where all these communities can engage and update users. It does not matter if they are at the school or somewhere out. All it takes is a decent internet connection. The app is automated, digitalized and user-friendly. All you need in an app, right? There are no complications and it is all so connected. Everybody is connected. The parents stay relevant in their child’s life. Involvement is enhanced more than ever in spite of their busy schedules. They are in touch with their child’s teachers as well which would help them to know diurnal activities and behaviour of their kid at school and deal with it accordingly. Basically, the bond is stronger than ever now. 

Let’s go into detail about how the smart school management app is extremely helpful and lets you be more productive in a short amount of time (brief version).

Access anywhere, anytime

You have access to the school digitally with this app if you are a student, teacher or parent and be it anytime and anywhere. An internet connection is mandatory, though. You can check your schedules, upcoming events, your academic performance in graphs or even tracking of the child. The list goes on  

View all academic activities

The advancement of the understudy can be seen all the time by the parents and educators utilizing the Smart School Management app. Along these lines, the presentation of the understudies can be always and ceaselessly assessed while refreshing the data. The educator can put some additional exertion with regards to training this child so he turns out to be better. The guardians could help the child also. The child oneself could place in more work on that specific subject. This correlation of exhibitions will give you the inspiration to heighten your presentation.

Instant messages via SMS and push notifications

What makes Smart School ERP so advantageous for everyone identified with Educational organizations is the ‘SMS and E-mail Alerts’ element. On your phone. In any event that is one reason. This element is a successful strategy to speak with the guardians and the understudies and even educators. Likewise, it makes it effective as it is computerized in addition to there won’t be any extension for miscommunication. Everything will be perfectly clear. This is the sort of update that could be irritating yet you won’t overlook the critical day or on the off chance that you are behind a due date, this is the thing that you need.

Payment Gateways

You can pay the fees in the comfort zone of your home with just your phone and obviously the internet connection. Honestly, what more can you ask for?

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