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Oct 19

Best School ERP Software System- Software for School- Smart School

The Parents’ POV – Why I Recommend This School Management System

My child studies in a school where the school management software – Smart School has been installed. It was a recent development that reaped innumerable benefits and it is continuing to do so in terms of the entire management aspect. It is the best school ERP system and let me tell you how this benefits me and my kid.


Do you know how we live in a digitalised world? I would say the kids are engrossed more in the technology. So, to say that the Smart School instilled curiosity in them would be the understatement of the century. They exude pure excitement about this online school ERP which can be used as an app on the mobile. They assist them in their studies with creative and interesting videos which will help them to comprehend the complicated concepts in a better manner – #elearning. If they need the teachers’ help, they can approach them online. Assignments can be done online and the results are published on the same. Alerts are a thing with this school ERP system. Before every important event, these alerts go on making it impossible for you to miss out and gives you enough time to prepare for an upcoming exam. Their results are published on the web and recorded. Each year’s performances are converted into a graph which makes it easier for you to understand your academic position. Now you can work on the subjects to improve yourself. That graph is the push you need to move forward.


This app works wonders for the parents’ community. For starters, this school ERP system teamed up with GPS so the kids’ folks could track them once they enter the school bus or the school. If there is any delay for the kids to reach home due to the school, the parents will know and they can calm down and avoid unnecessary episodes of blood pressure hike. So, in a way, this software saves your health, lol. Then comes the direct involvement they will have in their child’s school life, thanks to this system. The parents’ information is stored in this cloud-based system so the teachers can access the contact details and keep in touch while updating them about the activities happened in the school. The communication that occurs will be on point. One amazing feature of this software is the one where the parents get to access their child’s results and the graph so they can see for themselves how their kids are performing. They can give words of encouragement accordingly or take away certain privileges until they come in line. With this school management software, there are no hassles attached to the fee payments. Every payment is recorded and the pending payments are mentioned in a systematic manner. If there exist any dues, you will get the required reminders.

See what I am talking about? Everything is simplified with the instalment of SMART SCHOOL. I highly recommend it. All the schools should have this system. Go for it and tell me how your enjoying parenthood with its help!

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