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Sep 19

Best School ERP Software System- Software for School- Smart School

The Best School Management System for Everyone

Smart School could be labelled as the ‘best school management system for everyone’. We will tell you why with a piece of decently detailed information.


This school management software exists to make life easier for students at school. Each student gets their user-id and password. Your account lets you acquire information about the course, session, division, timetable, upcoming events, notices, assignments and fee facts. You get to view and assess your batch. You can perform your assignments online and submit them. This way, the chances of the submissions being delayed is less likely. They also provide reminders prior to every event which gives you time to practice. The results will be published online and it will stay recorded. It is easy to analyse your position in the academic aspect which will make you want to boost your performance in the upcoming exams. In case of any doubts related to studies, if you find it difficult to approach your teachers or you missed a class, the students do not have to be anxious because this school ERP software gives you access to tutorials that cover all the subjects. The best part is that they make use of animations to convey a concept that makes it interesting and you can expect the students to watch it. We all know how difficult it is to capture someone’s attention and it is more difficult to maintain it. So, that is settled.


The online school ERP, which comes by the name of ‘Smart School’ does not solely focus on the students. It simplifies the job for the teachers. They get to have their accounts as well where they can organise assignments, evaluate them and publish results. They can mark attendance through this system. All these activities online save a generous amount of your time which increases your pace to execute matters and be productive. In simple terms, its efficiency is something to be appreciated. They have access to the students’ performance recorded and this helps them to realise those students who need to improve their academic standing and work accordingly. Smart School eases everything for the teachers and accuracy is guaranteed.


It is not just the students and the teachers they favour; they give ample attention to the parents as well. This particular software for schools connects the teachers and the parents so the parents are involved with their children’s schooling now more than ever. Their contact information can be accessed by the teachers and they get updated with their children’s activities. There are facilities to track the kids with the help of GPS through the app when they are in the school or on the bus, thereby, eliminating unnecessary pressure. There is no waiting period.


The school population is always high. With a manual system, it will be extremely difficult to administer the institution. The clarity is debatable. This is where Smart School comes as a saviour. It is in an organised format and everything is stored which is accessible anytime with the availability of the internet. It is a cloud-based solution. It is a smart decision and a cheap one to install this school ERP software. It will ensure the smooth running of an educational institution. The employees are taken care of in terms of their salaries, leaves, requests, etc. which are recorded.

These are the brief features of Smart School and this makes it eligible for the “best school management system for everyone” tag.

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