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Sep 19

Best School ERP Software System- Software for School- Smart School

The Best School Management Features of Smart School ERP

The Smart School ERP makes all sorts of management seem like a piece of cake because it provides features that look into executing each aspect’s management in the most efficient method.

Student Management

Let’s zoom into student management. All the details related to the students such as the registration number, academics, health condition, parent and personal details are recorded. They can be managed through the student management module. This information stays forever and allows you to refer if you are required to. The yearly records assist a student to understand where they stand in the academic’s part and they motivate you to perform better. Information regarding the class, batch, division, bus and hostel along with the allotments can be accessed through this system which is very convenient as well as secure. It enables the use of student ID card with a barcode, RFID and smart card. It simplifies the marking of attendance. It provides the examination details and takes care of all the library business. With this School ERP system, extra-curricular activities are also dealt with. Daily activities of the students are recorded as well. Hence, we can claim that there is no better software than Smart School to efficiently manage the students.

School Management

The school management system allows the parents to be deeply involved in their children’s schooling by using the parent management module. With their information being recorded in the system, the teacher could easily get hold of the parents and discuss the student’s performance and find solutions to any unfavourable situation. They get to view the results without any delay or interference. They get to analyse their kids’ academic performance from the records. They even get the opportunity to track their kids while they are on the bus or school, thereby, eliminating stress. There won’t be any confusion in the payment of fees as reminders will be sent. They get SMS and email alerts for important activities, PTA meetings, etc.

HR Management

The HR management module allows the smooth management of the employees. The pivotal information regarding the employees such as their basic details and qualifications are stored. This manages the payroll and tracks the leaves taken. It takes care of all the requests connected with the advance payment, building, office, general maintenance and IT help desk documents. The system records the payment and leaves history. They get important reminders as well. These features ensure the proper functioning of HR management.

Exam Management

There is an exam management module which makes scheduling, conducting and evaluating less complicated. And the fee management takes care of all things ‘fees’. They do the calculations of the term, additional and more fees. They give out notification automatically if a fee is due. The history of payment is recorded systematically so you can view it if it’s necessary.

Then it allows you to do timetable management in the way that allots slots to the teachers that need it and the subjects can be changed accordingly. They consider the subjects and the portions covered and more.

They have features that settle the library, event, certificate, branch, scholarship, office, marketing, asset, inventory, document, user and commission matters in terms of the management. In conclusion, management cannot get easier than this and that is why Smart School is the best school ERP out there.

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