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Nov 19

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SMS and E-mail Alerts – One of the Best Features of SMART SCHOOL SOFTWARE

What makes Smart School ERP, the school management system so convenient for everybody related to Educational institutions is the ‘SMS and E-mail Alerts’ feature. At least that is one of the reasons. The school management software can boast about the messaging service it provides which reminds you about the various events that happen at the school. It can be personal or plainly public. This feature is an effective method to communicate with the parents and the students and even the teachers. Also, it makes it efficient as it is automated plus there won’t be any scope for miscommunication. Everything will be crystal clear. This is the kind of reminder that could be annoying but you will not forget the significant day or if you are behind a due date, this is what you need. Let’s magnify into this propitious feature:

Payment of Fees – Now You Are on Time!

Fee payments can be systematically settled through this system. In this hectic world, parents tend to forget the due dates or that they have to pay a particular fee related to the school. Millions of things are going through their minds and they may be responsible adults but human beings are prone to make mistakes and forget important matters. Well, this is where the Smart School’s Alert feature comes as a ‘blessing in disguise’. There is no disguise but it does the job. It gives you the reminder you need to keep up with the payments. This is what I meant when I said “personal reminder”. All the receipts and the relevant details are stored online for your convenience and reference.

Results – Published and Alerted!

Yes, you heard that right. If your results are published, you will get an alert in the form of a text. This is not just restricted to the students aka the result owner. The parents get access as well. Kids, you cannot delay the ‘revealing of results’ anymore or faking the scores either. The parents are independent now in the sense they do not have to rely on the children to view their results. It is out and you all know it, just like that without any pressure. The pressure probably surfaces after the viewing (Oops!). The scenario changes if you are a studious kid. Then everybody is happy to know. Anyway, the parents and the kids get alerted.

PTA Meetings – Impossible to Forget

Parents, you are in luck…solely because of this alert feature associated with this online school ERP. PTA meetings are extremely important. There is a good chance you will forget it even though that’s all that occupied your mind for a few weeks ever since your kid told you about the meeting. This happens but the alert is here to help you remember.

Absent Details – Checked and Forwarded to the Parents

This is an unpleasant feature for the kids who are sneaky but the parents and the innocent ones, they see it as a boon. When the kids don’t show up and the attendance details are entered, it is marked ‘absent’ and this specific detail goes to the parents in the text format which you have to owe it to this special feature by the best school management software. 

This feature also does alerts for other important announcements, birthdays, admission enrolled, library matters etc. Don’t you think it’s perfect for the educational institutions? Go install SMART SCHOOL ERP now!

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