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Dec 19

Best School ERP Software System- Software for Schoool- Smart School ERP

Teachers Have It Easy With Smart School Management System Software ERP

Teachers are usually overloaded with work. They are stressed to a high extent because of the abundance of organization and preparations to do. They have to prepare their subjects in an in-depth manner so that they could teach the kids effectively. They have to organize the timetable with assumptions of the time period it would take to finish each subject. They try to save some time to revise and clear the whole thing, thereby arming the students to face the exams with confidence. They have to prep up the attendance sheet mostly, every week and do the marking individually which would normally take up an ample time. In times of the exams present a bunch of headaches to construct the question paper, to pensively organize the exam dates and fit them within a particular period of time. Basically, it is a lot of work that it would drain you beyond revival and there is a lot of things that could go wrong! Let’s take a look at how the Smart School Management System can assist the teachers


First and foremost, Smart School is a cloud-based online school ERP which makes the whole management efficient – productive in comparatively less amount of time. It has an attendance module that enables the teachers to list out the names on an attendance sheet fast and it is recorded for reporting and other purposes. Mainly, the marking of the attendance is automated due to the installation of a biometric system that is integrated into the software, thereby, ensuring that it is handled smoothly.

Assigning Homework – School Management System

An extremely beneficial module for both the teachers and the students. This allows the teachers to assign work to the students online and the students get alerted. There is an online portal where the students can submit the completed work. The teachers will evaluate them and grade them accordingly. All this can be done with a nice internet connection. That is all it asks for. The level of comprehension of the covered topic can be understood from the students’ performance and the teacher can put more focus on the needy students. Also, it makes the whole assignments, a paperless task (eco-friendly). This is such a swift process that they can get back to preparing the topics or other areas where their concentration has to be put.

Timetable Management – School Management System

This timetable module makes use of a user-friendly interface that helps to manage the timetables and time-slot allocation. This school management system software has the provision to generate timetables and share them to the faculty members as well as the students smoothly through dashboards or other means. This module is flexible as well as it can change the timetable slots accordingly. It helps to create and maintain a subject/lab timetable, department timetable, academic year/monthly timetable, teacher’s timetable, substitute timetable, student timetable and ultimately the reports. This way the time management is on point and stay efficient. The teaching community need not be part of the chaos that is created by the irresponsible planning of a manual timetable.         

See what I was talking about? How Smart School ERP could reduce the burden and simplify the job for the teaching members! Do not delay this. Install this school management system software right away!

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