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Oct 19

Best School ERP Software System- Software for School- Smart School

Smart School ERP, The Leading School Management Software

Smart School ERP is a software developed to make management the least of your concern. It applies to all the departments and the parents. This is what gives us the right to call it ‘the leading school management software’. Let’s elaborate:

  1. The Basics

Smart School, the school ERP software functions as a cloud-based solution that records all the information concerning the employees, the students, the teachers, the parents and the whole administration which makes it easier to access a particular data. It reduces the workload for everyone. It is the most efficient way to carry out work. It indeed boosts productivity in a short span of time with less expenditure. It gives you the option of studying through various visuals for the kids. They can do their homework assigned by the teachers online and get it evaluated by them on the same platform. The results get recorded. The exam timetable and the regular timetable can be viewed through this software. People can install the app on the phone or plainly use their account from a PC. The results get published online. They will stay recorded. The parents can view this with their account and they do not need their children’s help to know where they stand academic wise. Graphs showing the marks they scored each term and year are published to be viewed by the people. This is a source of encouragement. Fee payments can be handled online which is extremely convenient. This online school ERP can be used anywhere and at anytime with the existence of a decent internet connection. Running an educational system cannot be more organised. ‘Organised’ implies an increase in performance. When performances increase, it gives room for progression. The employees’ salary deals and other sorts of payments are done through this system.

  1. What Sets This School ERP System Apart from The Other ERP Systems!

This school management software provides a feature that saves the soul of your parents by getting associated with the GPS to track their ward whenever they enter the bus or school. They even have provision for the management of guest rooms so when a guest arrives, you know which rooms are vacant and allot accordingly. They do library management as well where the reports containing all the library-related information are generated. The fines can be done online and the systematic record of the books issued and returned are maintained. Also, any library-related requests can be made through this module. Another alluring feature of the best school ERP is the affordability part. They have 3 plans. A school can adopt one of the plans suitable depending upon their budgets.

The Basic Plan and pricing have the features to keep you going. The Advanced Plan unlock more features and the Ultimate Plan unlock all the features. Accounting does not seem impossible anymore. This school ERP system effectively deals with all the activities that come under accounting. There are multiple features, that are not mentioned here but you can find them on our website www.smartschoolerp.com.

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