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Mar 20

SMART SCHOOL ERP, as efficient as it gets!

Smart School ERP is, without a doubt, one of the best school management software developed in the world with features that support everyone in an educational institution without leaving behind the parents. It makes it convenient for everyone to be involved. Thus, management becomes its efficient best. If you want to know what I am talking about, continue reading because I am about to explain some of the features that make this school management system, stand out.

Live Chat

Communicating with your colleagues is not an issue when you have live chat that functions in real-time. It does not require a specific chat server. The users can join the live chats. The admin has control over the chats and he/she supervises it as well. There is a provision to invite new users. Notifications apply for the chats to the users. It serves as a convenient platform to clear every query within the shortest time. All the conversation is recorded and you can access it even though you have joined the session late.


The kids do not need to face the monstrosity of falling behind in class on the off chance that you take a genuine leave any longer. The e-learning feature of Smart School ERP contains and continues to enhance the tutorial videos that are interactive, animated and well-explained that would clear the doubts related to the syllabus and more.

Fee Module

There is a Fee module that disentangles the charge exchanges of an instructive organization. Guardians can see the expenses that are pending through the software application and make the fundamental installments on the web, without further ado which is so helpful.


Another significant benefit of this Smart School ERP is the ‘alerts’ feature. Regardless of whether it is a test or the latest occasion in which your participation is obligatory or even a task, this application gives you the update you need in the form of alerts.


The children and parents can view the test results, a class-wise outcome evaluation charts, and so on when they get released. The alerts make it simplified for them. All they have to do is click on it and there are the results. The students get urged to put in more work on the particular subjects they are required to score more by taking a gander at the scholarly exhibition charts. They can even investigate their participation position. The parent’s involvement in their child’s education expands through this medium. The entire motivation behind this school ERP framework is to make everything proficient and it prevails to do as such.

Library Management

The library is automated because of smart school. We bid goodbye to traditional methods and be parallel with technological advancement. The students and the employees can apply for specific books and they get those particular books and after a specific timespan, they need to bring them back in good condition. All of it is recorded in the software (cloud-based). This is a helpful method to comprehend if a book has been lost or someone didn’t restore a book yet. You can likewise utilize it for future references. So there is no need of maintaining records that are centuries old to keep listing the activities and you do not need to be in a panic mode when you have to suddenly track an exchange that happened a couple of years ago, all on your own.

These are some samples that would help you understand the prominence of SMART SCHOOL ERP in your school. If it’s already there, GOOD and if not, you have got to install it ASAP.

Tell us what you think in the comments. Have a great day!

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