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Oct 19

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How Software for Schools Made Attendance Better

Doesn’t take as much time as it used to! #SmartSchool

BEFORE School Management System…

Let’s picture the earlier scenario when it comes to marking the attendance. The teacher comes to the class. She might or might not be on time. If she is not on time, the ‘let’s get to business’ part will be delayed. She has to come with a heavy attendance registrar. There is a high chance she would forget to bring it from the staffroom. She is too lazy to go back to the place where she came from again so she decides to assign a student to do the job. Now we don’t know the kind of person that kid is. He/she could be the class nerd who is waiting for the classes to start or the good student who likes to lag stuff. So, the kid gets the book and returns to the class. Therefore, a certain amount of time is covered. Next, she calls the students’ names one by one. There could be instances where you miss out on a kid’s name and there could be instances when the kid forgets to respond as he was indulging in a conversation with his classmate. There goes away the accuracy. A lot of your precious time has been used up for the attendance aspect. It is a long process and you could have spent some more time to finish up the portions but there is no point anymore because what is done is done. In times like this, you wish for a faster procedure when you are the teacher because it must be a packed schedule for you and you are trying to finish the chapters as soon as possible while making your students comprehend them. You also want extra time for revision.

AFTER School Management System…

Ever heard of a school management system? It is high time you familiarise the concept of smart school because this is your solution to all things management including attendance. Smart School is one of the best school ERPs out there. Let’s see how this will assist you in the attendance aspect:

  • It makes the whole thing digitalised. We all know how digitalisation saves time and lets you be more productive. Therefore, it is an online school ERP. “Smart School” has an attendance module that allows the teacher to swiftly list out the attendance sheet consisting of all the names of the students who attended the class.
  • In case a student is absent, their parents will be notified in an e-mail or a text format just to verify if it is a genuine deal. This way there are low chances of any ploy to bunk classes.
  • This school ERP software fuses biometric devices and attendance so the marking of attendance is automated and therefore, the procedure is simplified.
  • Reports and registers can be customised according to your convenience.
  • Attendance sheet creation does not have to be done with a lot of effort and time.
  • All the attendance registers are recorded and stored.
  • Exam attendees’ details are captured and stored accordingly.


This school management system reduces the job role of the teachers when it comes to the marking of attendance. Well, it reduces the job roles in general but since we are zooming on the attendance aspect, we emphasise the attendance aspect. This way, an ample amount of time is saved which can be utilised for more important matters like teaching, clearing the doubts, etc. Software for schools are a great alternative for schools which boosts the school’s performance like no other.

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