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Jan 20

Best School ERP Software System- Smart School ERP

What is a School Management System Software? (An Insight!)

School management software is basically making use of technology to tackle the whole administration process efficiently. It is an intranet for all the communities related to school and it has an avalanche of features that would assist each community. They are all connected through this software which can be installed on your phone as an app. All you need is a sound internet connection. It is user-friendly and it is a cloud-based system which means everything is recorded, which can be used for reference or comparison or however you like it but the pro is that it would not take your time. It would make you independent. A level of accuracy is maintained. The benefits are numerous.

Let us learn about school management software further by zooming onto a particular software for schools, “Smart School”.

The school management system also goes by the name, Enterprise Resource Planning which implies the proper execution of the management aspect through planning, making sure of the efficiency.

Smart School can be claimed as one of the best school ERPs out there. Here are some features for proof that puts this one on top.


This is an interesting feature for the students which will fill them with enthusiasm and curiosity along with turning them into a studious person. We are talking about visualisations and an in-depth explanation of topics that would get to the bottom of all your doubts. Also, these animations tend to get imprinted on your mind. So, you don’t have to worry if you had to skip school due to some legitimate reason because Smart School got you covered. Also, they make learning interesting through creativity. It makes you independent. Some kids are meek. They find it difficult to approach teachers to understand a particular concept better. So, for people in this situation, Smart School is a saviour. This can be viewed in the comfort zone of your house. Your parents do not need to arrange additional tuition to improve your score.   

GPS Tracking

With smart school, the parents can track their children as soon as they enter the bus and when they are at school which eliminates the tension the folks have on their whereabouts when there is a delay as long as it is caused by the school or the bus.


This is a key feature of this app. Everybody tends to be forgetful so these alerts can literally save your life. Be it anything, before exams, PTA meetings, the annual day, etc. you get your reminders without fail. These alerts are truly a blessing. You get the alerts when your exam results get published. Your parents get them too and they have access to your score. They get to know where you stand in your academic aspect usually in the form of graphs as well. The results are not just restricted to the kids and teachers. The roles of the parents in their children’s life enhanced, thanks to this school management system.  

Let’s be positive and hope that you realized the importance of a school management system in educational institutions and the authorities will install it as soon as possible if you haven’t already.

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