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Oct 18

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What Parents Expect From Your School Management Software?

School Management Software- Now that most of the schools have administration software with them, most of the day to day activities like fee payments, timetable management, bus tracking etc is all available under one platform. However, have you ever thought from a parent’ side about what they are really keen to see within your schools’ software? In fact, parents always wish to keep updated on their children’s activity on a regular basis. Below is a list of items that every parent would like to see and are concerned about. Take ten minutes of your time to read this and make sure your school management software is giving priorities to these.

Effective parent-teacher communication

Parents expect a productive update about their kid’s daily activities. Does your school software provide enough communication options with parents? When parents miss a class meeting or other events, please send them the exact resolutions and alternatives for the meeting. Alert them early about these schedules. With a parental engagement app or module in your school ERP, enabling communications related to performance, attendance and other emergencies are much easier.

Real-time access to children’s attendance and progress report

Among the factors that affect your schools’ performance poor attendance is a crucial factor that you should be looking at. Ideally school software is capable of giving parents real-time access to their children’s attendance and attainment? You can keep parents updated about these by sending automated text messages and emails which also helps in better parental engagement.

See important school announcements and calendar

Parents will be obliged if the scheduled school meetings or events are notified earlier. Sending early alerts via SMS and emails provide provision for parents to plan their schedules and set remainder for what’scoming up next. You also need to ensure that the calendar and announcements are in a presentable format which can easily be understood by anyone.

Live bus tracking

With the help of real-time bus tracking, you can ensure that parents never wait long for bus at boarding points. Alert them a few minutes before the bus is about to reach the boarding point. Sending an SMS to parents and giving the detailed route map is a best practice. Provide over speed alerts if possible. For the purpose of avoiding accidents and improving safety, set up a speed alert in your bus tracking module.

Alerts and notifications

Alerts help parents to notify the important days to pay fee, parent teacher meeting, school events and so on.It’s a really great tool to send information about anything recent and that is important as well. This will encourage good communication between parents, teachers, school administrators and students. If you’re not using it already, here are 8 alerts you probably have to set right away!

A reliable Mobile app

More and more schools are investing in mobile apps which are designed to keep parents up to date about their child’s activity. Timetables, reminders, meetings, parents don’t have to go searching for them on the school website; they can simply download the free app and get connected. By improving school to parent communication, mobile apps have a bunch of benefits for both parents and teachers.

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