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Jul 19

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Challenges of a Modern Smart School System

The education system has gone through a multitude of changes, has overcome many challenges that were lurking behind in the past and now, has outrageously become a success. However, we have to be wary of the pitfalls in the years to come in the current educational scenario.

A Legacy System

The educational system that we have is so archaic, has not been revised as late as the Industrial Revolution, and still continues to rock the ages. But is that all? Still, Maths is the most significant subject. Why? Because you can set your career as an engineer or a scientist. Other areas like Arts and Music can be a way bit dull for many. However, careers like design, dance and music are so lucrative nowadays.

Most of It Is a Waste of Time

It is not so great to be bookish. Having academic knowledge can make you stand out. However, whether you can come out as an all-in-one person is perfectly a doomed scenario. Of course, learning some math can expand your mind space. Nevertheless, assuming that life can be pretty crunchy with mathematical abilities is again a big flop idea. Because the world is real, to meet all the consequences, you need to be realistic. That is feasible only from applying the concepts in a fruitful manner and not by mugging it up.

The Wrong Public Mindsets Are Perpetuated By This System

There is a wide set notion that rank holders alone can be successful. It is a credit at all chances. But, whether it can make you employable needs a huge thought process. It is a purely worrisome thought that all rank holders will end up as big shots. However, you can end up to be one of the most successful persons only with skill and knowledge. Knowledge is massively essential to have a breakthrough that can be inspiring but it also needs a lot of skill set.

One Size Never Fits All

There is a wayward thought that all individuals think the same but it can be so beautifully different. Not all use their brain alike. It can be different and dynamic. The thought process of each person can be extremely vivacious. There are instances where a student embraces the beauty of a fully bloomed rose flower; another would study its botanical features. This is how each person remains diverse. We should learn to cultivate all such minds equally and fairly. Giving each mind the freedom to think wild can cause a spark and ignite the millennium ages to come.

The Grading System Is Based On the Wrong Values

The grading system is hugely unadvisable. You cannot grade a mind on how it thinks but only on the result that the mind produces. It is always recommended to award the thought process and not laud the results it produces. However, the education system embraces the latter. The grades will not tell how smarter or weaker your child is. Always give credits to innovative ideas. Moreover, always be there to respond to all queries and be a part of a wonderful thought process budding in his mind.
This is why Smart School ERP, the best school management software, is here to solve all these problems and truly revolutionise the modern school system.

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