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Sep 19

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How School Management Software Helps Me in My Studies

Hey, my name is Akash. I am 18 years old and I am studying in the 11th grade. Yes, I failed in the 10th grade once. That was before they installed Smart School, a school ERP software. I was able to pick up the pieces and put a lot of effort to improve my academic status since then. I will tell you about my sob story. Now, I get the ‘rags to riches’ kind of feel. It is possible for me to ace my exams now and ‘Smart School’ is responsible.

When I reached the 8th grade, I became that kid who always reserved the backbench and I did not have any idea about what was happening in the class most of the time. Honestly, I was not interested in studying at all. I reached rock-bottom when I failed the 10th grade. It was a lot of stress. People made fun of me. I didn’t really care. My parents said they were ashamed of me at that time which broke my heart. I did not know how to be interested in educational matters. My teachers would give me a disappointed look. I convinced myself that I would try one more time to pass the class. I was not prepared to face it. I was unaware of the ways to make that happen.

Fortunately, that is when my school introduced me to ‘Smart School’. It literally changed my life. I claim myself to be a tech-savvy person. This school management system stirred curiosity in me. I explored all the features that were open to the students. To say I was impressed would be an understatement. It brought back something in me that has not been there for a long period – my will to study. The credit for turning me into, dare I say, a nerd goes to the best school ERP that exists which is definitely ‘Smart School’. This software for schools is a class apart. They take on all the topics in the syllabus. I remember religiously watching all the videos and they were so intriguing and I still do. It made me understand concepts in physics and chemistry which I thought were rocket science. You know how they use rocket science to describe incomprehensible matters, right? Yeah, so gradually I was up to date with all the portions covered and even more. I am determined to maintain my position as one of the best students in the class. I never imagined myself to be in this state but now that I am here, I want to keep challenging myself. I crave knowledge. I also do my assignments on time now. I go to write my exams prepared, which used to be unlikely.

My parents say that they are proud of me now. I know I put them in a terrible position by failing a class but now I am all set to be the best. I am so grateful that this online school ERP is guiding the school.

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