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Aug 19

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How a School Management System Helped My Child to Be the Best in Class

Being the mother of a 7th grader could be hard. Trying to make the kids study is a Himalayan task. They have attention deficit issues like the rest of the world. They get bored too easily and it gets worse if it is a topic that doesn’t interest them. Also, scoring good marks in school is almost impossible if they don’t pay attention to the class. Deviation of focus to extra-curricular activities holds a high possibility while the academic graphs go down. My child, Avantika was not immune to all this way of deterioration in academics until the school she studies in brought the school ERP software, Smart School.

I genuinely feel that this school management system is revolutionary. With the active use of this online school ERP, Avantika gradually managed to become the best student in school. To say that it surprised me would be an understatement because I thought I knew my kid and I underestimated her potential. I feel bad about that but she is making me proud every day while pushing her limits. I have never seen her more curious about learning. The tutorials provided by the Smart School is so impressive. It captivates your attention and it is super fun to watch and learn and grow. She is obsessed with it and watches it every day, thereby expanding her knowledge. She is a person who is shy in terms of interacting with the teachers. She used to accumulate all her doubts and sometimes tried to clear them but it did not work out. It was difficult to explain to her about certain topics but with this school ERP system, she can comprehend complex topics and she does not spare any room for doubts. Her newfound enthusiasm towards studying reflects on her current grades.

She submits her assignments on time. She can do them and she does not need my help anymore. I feel like she became more independent now. I do not have to force her to study and complete the assignments anymore. I truly appreciate what smart class has done for my kid. It works beyond the expectations. Another interesting feature are the alerts they give ahead of an exam – it gives the kids ample time to prepare for the exams, and the class tests too. 

The fact that enables you to compare your academic performances is amazing. I feel like it gives the motivation one needs to progress, at least in the case of my child. She wants to be at the top and stay at the top now, more than ever. I cannot explain how it feels to watch her put in a lot of dedication towards achieving academic goals set by herself. It is so refreshing. And I don’t have to depend on her to know about her results. It is not like she refrains from showing how well she is doing in class but it gives you a special kind of relief.

I recommend the installation of Smart School – the best school ERP, in every school out there. It is beneficial for all the communities related to the school. It worked wonders for my kid and it will work wonders for your kid as well!

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