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Transportation Management & GPS

Assigning and maintaining buses in institutions has become very simple and user-friendly with Smart School ERP. Making new routes and boarding points are simple in Smart School. Discounting bus fees at any time is also possible. Auto fee calculation depending upon the distance can be executed. The bus can be tracked automatically by GPS system whenever a child enters or leaves the bus. The previous stop, as well as absenteeism, can be easily tracked through GPS facility in Smart School Management System.

  • Create different boarding points and routes
  • Student allocation to vehicles
  • Manage all the institution vehicle details and driver info
  • Bus stop and route allocation to student/staff
  • Number of students on each stop/route
  • Number of stops on each route
  • Maintenance of vehicle logbook
  • Vehicle tax and insurance information
  • Vehicle maintenance schedule
  • Vehicle odometer
  • Vehicle requisition for various occasions
  • Repairs and service details
  • Driver details
  • Fee can be collected at boarding point
  • Mobile application
  • Report
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