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Exam Management

With various examination types in different schools, scheduling, conducting and evaluating examinations is a tedious task. The following features are the ways in which Smart School ERP helps.

  • Organise exams with support of various evaluation systems like GPA, CCE etc.
  • Faculty can conduct class tests and manage marks
  • Generate and share result reports instantly with students and parents
  • Workflow driven result generation
  • Create different exam types
  • Integrated report generation and notifications to parents/students
  • Exam planning and scheduling
  • Test allocation
  • Supports added evaluations via course works, projects, presentations, labs etc.
  • Scoring (class, subject and student)
  • Score analysis (class, subject) for teacher/student
  • Detailed ranking based on subject
  • Student assessment
  • Grading/promotion
  • Online posting of exam schedule
  • E-alerts
  • Result announcement
  • Class result analysis
  • Exam result alerts
  • Comparative graphical analysis of assessment
  • Reports
  • Certificates
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