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Dec 19

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Event and School Management Made Easy – Smart School ERP

I do not think there is any area that the Smart School ERP does not cover when it comes to the management of an educational institution because this particular software for schools even covers the event management aspect as well. The event management module provided by the school management software can be utilized through an event calendar. This synced in system records the participants’ details along with the coordinators’ and the panel team’s in an automated format. (No manual labour!) Therefore, all the events can be executed very well with the right coordination and no obstructions. We all are aware that organising a graduation ceremony or a Christmas party takes months of planning, considerations and all that in order to be successful. Time management skills will get you halfway there. In this era of digitalization, you require its service to flourish. The online school ERP is a blessing, not in a disguise.

Let’s break it down, how this school management system eases up the conduction of events in your educational institution.

Create and share various events with faculty and students.

This one is quite similar to how we create and share content on Facebook. This makes it so easy. All you need is a decent internet connection. The authorities do not need to allot money from the budget for SMS purposes to share the events. This would happen within the app prior to the events and before the day of the event in the form of event e-alerts so you can go prepared and most importantly, there is no way you could forget about the event. All the issues are settled. You can plan the events for the entire academic year in advance by setting up the events calendar.

The online school ERP records the events and efficiently manages all the aspects that we have to put in work so we can make the best of the event. If there are competitions in arts and sports, they can be managed including the participant registration, entry of points and result display. the individual or group or class performance can be classified accurately with the help of this online school ERP.

Share campus news with parents, students and faculty immediately

Everything that happens in school, you get updated through this application. You won’t feel left out. All you need to do is set up your account. It is like a social media app exclusively engineered for your school. It provides provision for internal blogging as well by the faculty member, students or the parents’ community. A lot of topics are covered if it is in this manner. Organizing extracurricular activities such as clubs, houses, dance, music, etc is a matter of an app in this contemporary world. It takes care of the Inter-zone cultural and sports activities as well along with the entire election supervision with the definition of the posts.

And ultimately, it covers the publishing of results. So, I don’t know why you haven’t installed possibly the best school ERP out there if you haven’t. The other people, GOOD JOB! 

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