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From Spreadsheets and Isolated offices to Automation and Integrated Campuses: SRI College's (Malaysia) journey of transformation

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About the Institution

SRI College is an institution of higher education recognised by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. The college is highly experienced in the fields of Early Childhood Studies, English Language Studies and Franchise & Management studies. SRI College’s mission is to advance knowledge and educate students all over the world. The college was set up to provide a pathway for higher education and professional credentials to more than 300 franchised child enhancement centres in Malaysia as well as centres in China, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Syria and Jordan.

Challenges & Requirements

  • The college is situated in Kuala Lumpur with its HR office located outside the Campus. Well-maintained communication between staffs sitting at different offices was one of the most challenging aspect. The systems used to generate employee payroll, manage leaves, store employee information etc. were not working as expected.
  • Attendance and timetable reports were created on paper. These were glued in front of each class. Collation of these reports and calculating overall attendance were complex and the results were not 100 per cent accurate.
  • The college was also using excel sheets to store student information and fee payments Storage and backup of these sheets and their retrieval was becoming tedious and time consuming day by day.

Smart School ERP's Solution

Our experts identified and matched the right modules for the college’s requirement. As a first step, we helped in migrating all the existing data into digital format that is compatible with most of the campus management softwares. We trained the staffs on how to use the modules effectively and encouraged them to enter all the data digitally.

The software could be used by any staff from any location at any time. Now, the communication between campuses has got easier and faster. The power of cloud helps the college to store unlimited volume of data and automate backups.

Attendance calculation is now simple and more accurate. Teachers and management staffs have the access to simple and quick reports with the help of Smart School ERP’s attendance management module. This also helps the college in identifying the students with lower attendance and taking prompt actions for improvement.

The college has also moved from saving information in multiple excel sheets to using centralized bulk storage. Parents can now remit fees online with the help of Smart School ERP’s payment app. Instant SMS alerts and emails are some other features that the college is also benefitting with.

End Results

  • Centralized cloud based data storage
  • Multi-campus integrated systems
  • Easy attendance management
  • Quick fee payment and instant alerts.
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