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The Problem with College Admissions: Find out How MI College (Maldives) fixed it.

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About the Institution

MI College, previously known as International Institute for Professional Development (IIPD), began its journey on the 20th of July 2006. The college offers various courses approved by Maldivian Qualifications Authority (MQA).
MI College obtained the license to run the International Supply Chain Management by International Trade Centre (ITC), a technical organisation of the United Nations. By obtaining the license, ICCD got international recognition and the opportunity and invitations to participate in international events. The college also provides Cambridge International Diploma in Business and English Language.

Challenges & Requirements

  • The college is situated in Maldives and there are 19 campuses, each campus located in different Islands! The key challenges were around how the data was stored and the way it was being used across multiple offices.
  • The college’s marketing targets seemed difficult to achieve due to many reasons. Collecting the leads, storing the details of marketing and sales activities and tracking the outcomes were difficult across the campuses.
  • Allotting employee payroll and accounting were complicated day by day. Employee details were kept in registers and these registers had to be taken to the main office for the yearly tallying.
  • Interviews were usually conducted in the main office from where they give the appointment conformation to the employees. After the employee posting the employee details had to be transferred to the respective campus, usually by sending an email.

Smart School ERP's Solution

  • Since there are 19 campuses, each located in different islands, the initial focus was on integrating the systems together. With Smart School ERP’s multi-campus management platform, the storage and migration of student list, exam question papers, employee details are now easier across all the campuses.
  • We also implemented the marketing module. The marketing team is now more efficient in creating leads and converting them into sales. The admission targets have also started getting closer.
  • With the power of cloud based databases, accounting and finance management became easier and centralized.

End Results

  • Centralized cloud based data storage system implemented
  • Main branch and sub branches connectivity established
  • Performance comparison of multiple campuses implemented
  • Automatic payroll generation in all the campuses from the main campus
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