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Blue Mount Public School Case Study- An Overnight Metamorphosis with Smart School ERP.

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About the Institution

Blue Mount Public School, run by the Blue Mount Educational Trust, was instituted in 1995. With its motto as ‘knowledge through education and strengthen through organisation’, the school is highly committed to providing world quality education to the common people and is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.
Having a legacy of over two decades and an increasing number of students, the quantum of challenges thrown at the school management also increased exponentially.

Challenges & Requirements

1. Finance

  • Fee Collection: Since the school was following differential fee collection system (normal, discounted and deposit type), with the increasing number of students, the calculation of fees became high time-consuming, confusing and inaccurate. The obsolete data system that was in place made it all the more complex. For example, there was no way to know the fee arrears pending from students unless calculated manually for each one of them.
  • Purchases: Due to the fact that the store and the office were located at distant places, it became difficult and time-consuming to ensure that the payment receipts reached the stores and the stock reaches the office on time. In the case of returns and refunds, the efforts were double.
  • Budgeting: Since the incomes (fees) could not be calculated properly (arrears not accounted well) the expenses remained incalculable as well. As a trickle effect, proper budgeting and annual accounting could also not be done.

2. Transport

With 45 buses and 763 boarding points, managing and tracking the vehicles became a herculean task. To add on to that, there were issues like some students preferred one side bus service, arrange for vehicles for special class students etc. There were also no alert systems to let the parents know in case of no transportation on certain days.

3. Attendance

They still followed conventional methods like attendance registers to record the attendance of students and staff. With a student base of more than 3000, this proved to be cumbersome.

4. Exam Results

Having no automated system to communicate the wards’ progress and examination results, it was a manual process to update the progress card each and every time.

5. Library

With a well-stocked library, it was always quite a task to maintain and update records of the books, the due dates, issuing library cards to students, book returns etc.

Smart School ERP's Solution

Fee collection was one of the most prioritized and complicated issues, especially with the categorical system in place and pre-existing arrear payment problems. Having identified the challenges in the present system, we deployed our software’s fee management module and we could immediately see the results. With the new software, the school now automatically generates monthly fee collection, fees due alerts, receipt generation and has an online mobile app for easy and convenient payments.
It was quite an uphill task and took us several days to migrate all the data into a digital platform. All the previous arrear amounts were then created as a new fee.
Successfully implemented POS system in store and now with the new store management module, there is no need to run from store to office and back. Payment and receipts are now completely online. And can be accessed from anywhere.
Our transportation module helped in creating new routes to synchronize the 763 boarding points with the 45 buses. With the GPS tracking system, auto-generated alerts are now created, letting the parents know when their ward enters or leaves the bus. Moreover, it is easy to maintain a database with all the drivers’ details.
Integration of RFIDs or Biometric devices for the attendance management helped in the maintaining student/staff attendance, staff monthly leave deduction, shift allocation, timetable creation, payroll calculation, attendance sheet creation, and instant SMS/email alerts to parents of students who are absent. Most importantly, it has helped create a safe and secured campus.
With exam module, it has now become easy to organize and conduct exams, generate and communicate result reports instantly with students and parents. Examination planning and scheduling have now become easier than ever.
With Smart School ERP’s library management module the books are categorized and organized in a highly efficient manner. It created auto-alerts to notify the students about their book return dates, library dues, and so on.

End Results

  • Automatic fee discount allowance to students and fee generation; Online mobile app for easy payments.
  • The smooth functioning of the educational institution with minimum operational disruptions.
  • Easy and accurate attendance management.
  • Automated payroll generation and leave deductions.
  • Real-time vehicle tracking and creation of boarding points with SMS alert to staffs and parents.
  • Proper arrear management and report generation.
  • All the databases have an online backup.
  • Library book categorization, automated penalty calculation and track the books due for return.
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