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Mar 20

Best School ERP Software System- Smart School ERP

Reports Module in the Top Smart School Management Software

Smart School ERP – Best school erp software system is the perfect school management software with a plethora of features to manage each department of school and it is inclusive of the parents as well. It is a cloud-based system that records all the activities happening at the school such as fee payment, class performance, yearly academic growth, etc. Today, we will go in detail about a particular feature i.e. Reports Module. Reports module can be used to generate reports on all the attributes that can be altered according to your use. The reports are dynamic. This school management system gives you the provision to directly send these reports through mail; individual or groups. Let’s take a look at some of the reports, this ERP helps to create:

Detailed reports on all subjects assist the schools to track the performance of students and faculty and Exam/CCE reports

Reports help you stay organized. You can see where you are headed. If you are the student, you can understand the way you are performing in studies by viewing this and you can compare the term-wise or month-wise (tests) difference or any other way you want to assess yourself. Accordingly, you can make your next move: Focus more on the subjects you need to work on and try to balance the subjects so you won’t go behind on your scores. The teachers can view this for the same purpose. She can help the children to do better or change her teaching approach if that needs work. She can do whatever it takes for the improvement. The parents have access to this (this might not be a benefit for the student community because they have the right to take away certain privileges if the studies go south) and they can provide their assistance as well. Thanks to Smart School ERP, the parents are more involved in the child’s education. It is convenient since everything is ‘connect via phone’. We understand how busy the parents can get with their jobs and often, they do not get to catch up with their kids in terms of school and studies. Smart School ERP changes the situation. The child will get all the support she needs from the teachers and parents so keeping up with the grades is a relatively less strenuous activity.  

The faculty’s performance could also be monitored with this online school ERP and see the efficiency or other related matters.

Reports on all financial activities of the school

This is advantageous on so many levels. Your institution can be frugal. The report allows you to set an approximate budget for the entire academic year and be clear with the dues and payment. This allows the educational institution to grow economically. The systematic approach always leads to progress. 

Attendance report-Best School ERP Software System

Attendance reports are essential in an educational institution. Smart School ERP automates the attendance process and this will be recorded and can be generated as a report. Systematic approaches are never overrated and you automatically get each kid’s or faculty member’s attendance percentage for a period of time and then you can proceed to do the needful. Let’s emphasize the ‘efficiency’ aspect.

You have not installed this school management system in your educational institution yet? Well, it is high time, you go digitalized!

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