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Oct 19

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Smart School, The Right Choice for Admission Management

Smart School ERP makes all the admission related tasks extremely smooth. That is an understatement. Technological interference in the admission process takes away the difficulty in maintaining the accuracy and speeds up the process. This technological interference solely belongs to Smart School. In simple terms, it makes the full management deals digitalised. We will elaborate on this module offered by the Smart School ERP now.

Application Forms

You can apply for the various courses online and submit which get recorded so the concerned people can view them according to their convenience. This is way easier than you having to rush to the school before a particular deadline and filling each column with a pen. The chances of making mistakes are higher in this method. The online format ensures accuracy and it is well organised so it is easier to go through the applications and select the students according to their eligibility. These application forms contain detailed information of the student such as the date of birth, home address, e-mail id, phone number, the parents’ information, the course they have chosen, etc. You can also upload your image and other related documents along with the application to be submitted. Approvals can be garnered from several people with the authority to give the verdict through the smart school management software.


The admission process is transparent in the institution if this school management software is installed. The student can know the status of their application and the superior people can post it online and update it whenever necessary. It destroys the complications that can arise out of the admission process. There will not be any sorts of miscommunication. Mutual trust is established. 

Admission Calendar

Admission calendars take the term ‘systematic’ to another level. This feature is a blessing given to us by the online school ERP – Smart School. It helps you plan accordingly when it comes to the beginning and the ending of the admission time.

Detailed Status Report

The reports are created that records the status situation. It is very informative. It helps you to pay attention to each and every detail which enables you to act correspondingly. 

Student Scholarships

Student scholarship affairs can be dealt with through this feature of this school management software. It will assist you to find the students who are worthy of the scholarship and you can proceed with it. It verifies the details and makes it a foolproof system. It manages the students who received the scholarships and takes care of the matters in the absence of complications. So, the unfortunate students can get all the help possible in terms of money. The main element that helps this software to succeed is its systematic approach.

Integration of Student ID

The student ID is integrated into the system in the way if the ID is scanned, it automatically lets you access their personal information added to their parents’ which is stored in the school database that can be used as identity evidence and authentication.

All these features will let the whole admission management be efficient and this will permit the educational institutions to grow at a faster pace.

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