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Dec 18

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6 School Administration Tips You Haven’t Tried Before

Great administration plays a key role in the success of any school. Running a school requires you to stay focused on delivering good quality education, but to accomplish that it should be ensured that the other operational activities runs smoothly on a daily basis.

Effective administration coupled with great leadership can help ensure long term sustainability of your educational institution.
Here are some proven strategies and best practices to help tackle some of the common administrative challenges that schools face today.

1. Have better communication

Right from the parent-student interaction in a classroom to having an effective feedback system for students, staff and parents, communication plays a huge role in shaping your school’s policies and procedures. Having an effective communication system in place is highly essential for creating a positive environment as well to instil a good administration. You need to ensure that your school administration system has a module to record conversations, link staffs and information from multiple offices and an alert system to keep parents notified of the latest happenings.

2. Build Relationships

Be it with the parents, other school staff or the society, building harmonious relationships are quite crucial. The quality of relationships within a school community makes a difference. These strong relations can also impact student success rates positively; with increased cooperation and trust, it can help in addressing concerns, better conflict resolutions, ease decision making processes and also have successful improvement efforts. Building trust takes time. The relationship with your student and his or her parents must be cultivated and nurtured year over year. The greater the level of trust, the greater your enrolment for the next academic year.

3. Clear Backlogs

These backlogs can be anything ranging from overloaded email inboxes, accounts, schools repairs and maintenance or the likes. These could have a disastrous effect on the school in the long run, if not acted upon on a timely basis. Hence it is essential to keep track of any pending action items. Prioritising the tasks and setting automated alerts for deadlines are a good way to create high visibility and track impending actions.

4. Watch your accounts

Budgeting and finances is of paramount importance in the managing of a school. Operational expenses, fee collection, staff salaries, maintenance expenses and other miscellaneous incomes and expenditure, the school administration has to account for all the money coming in and how it is spent. The better you keep control of your finances the easier your administration would be. You can look at these five important reports to identify the most common problems with your finances and how to manage them effectively.

5. Creating custom dashboards

Customization is the game today. To view all those frequently used reports, metrics, dimensions and lists, it is highly useful to create widgets and dashboards for quickaccess. This saves time and energy and in the long run cost as well, making the whole system more efficient. For example, you could create a custom dashboard to see the list of students who has not paid the last term fee so you can contact their parents and alert them instantly.

6. Stay organised

Staying organised makes your school administration easier. Just think about how easy it willll be to find stuff you need and avoid last minute hassles. Document everything what you do, make back-ups, maintaining a to-do list will all help you in achieving this. Moreover, a centralised system or a mobile app can also help you this aspect even when you are at your home.

Managing a school well can bring about more flexibility, efficiency and more cost effectiveness, in addition to success and profitability. If you would like to know more tips on how to efficiently run your school, talk to us.

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