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Nov 18

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5 Common Mistakes When You’re Doing Attendance Tracking

Attendance plays a vital role in improving the performance of your schools. Attendance and attainment are co-related to each other. Entering the attendance data carefully and accurately is important because many critical reporting are driven by this data. One of the challenges faced by schools today is managing the attendance data and effectively tracking it. Here are 6 common mistakes you probably are making when you are doing attendance tracking.

Keystroke and typo errors

Everything from attendance entry to each student percentage data entry completely relies on manual entering of data. Simple slip-ups in manual data entry can result in total attendance percentage error of a student. You can prevent this by double checking the whole details after completing the attendance of each class. Also, try to enter the data on a daily basis and ensure that you are not overloading yourself.

Not reviewing your Attendance policy

Create a student attendance policy on the basis of your school’s priorities and principles. Attendance policy ensures that all staff and leaders in your school are fully aware of and clear about the practices to promote good attendance. Try to review and follow the attendance policies of your school which comprises of verbal warning, written warning, optional & mandatory holiday marking, leave approval guidelines and so on.

Incorrect Time capture

Teachers and staffs clock into and out of work and breaks through different time-capture options like time clocks, touch screen kiosks, PCs, mobile etc. Automatically tracking time reduces administrative costs and improves efficiency. However, for this system to work correctly, you have to integrate it with your payroll module. Biometric attendance is one of the most secure methods for tracking time and attendance. It prevents common time-stealing practices such as buddy punching.

Too much of paperwork

Handling this ever-growing pile of data requires a system to ensure that the information is filed, found and retrieved quickly and efficiently. Paperwork can take up a significant amount of space, if attendance is marked in registers. If your school has multiple branches it will be even more difficult to access the documents from each branch located at different places. If you are still replying on paper based attendance system, then there is a greater chance that you are marking the attendance wrong.

Outdated systems

Using outdated system puts you in risk of system crash down, security issues and loss of valuable information. Have you considered what might happen if your system didn’t process the payroll correctly and that morphed into an employee complaint? An updated attendance management system reduces stress, saves time and improves accuracy.

Seeing the above few common mistakes you might make while tracking attendance, an all-in-one solution would be to implement automatic school attendance management software that integrates smartly with your payroll and leave management system. The result is reduced errors, no stress, improved administration and better efficiency.

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